Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your Digital Bread and Butter

Get the Best in SEO.

You need to be found online, and SEO is the best way to do it. (It’s also how we got started!)

Everyone claims years of experience and knowledge, so what separates Hennessey Digital from other agencies?

We’re leaders in the search engine optimization industry, proven by results for clients and our proprietary engineering capabilities. Our founder and CEO Jason Hennessey is an internationally-recognized SEO expert who has been reverse-engineering the Google algorithm for over 20 years.

Looking to boost leads and revenue? A comprehensive SEO plan is critical to your digital marketing strategy and Hennessey Digital has you covered.

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What SEO Gives You

What SEO Gives You:


Brand Credibility


More Organic
Site Traffic


Increased Leads
and Revenue


A Marketing Channel
That Grows Over Time

(Basically, SEO helps you win.)

How do we do it?

We build an SEO strategy around your business goals.

As SEO industry leaders, we have the right strategies—and the right people—to drive traffic to your company’s website. We understand what Google and other search engines look for when determining what appears at the top of the page for any search.

Our team listens to your vision and direction, and we use various techniques — including industry best practices and some tactics unique to our agency — to connect you directly to your potential clients. We can help your organic traffic reach new heights.

What makes Hennessey Digital’s approach to SEO better than others?

Why Do I Need SEO?

The reason you need an expert SEO team is simple: to get customers, you need a visible online presence. You can be the best at what you do, but until you can become visible to potential clients, your talents will remain hidden. Our SEO talents can get more people’s eyes on you and your company.

What Is SEO?

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. This is the practice of achieving higher rankings for your website using a variety of techniques, all derived from testing and research to ensure that what we do actually works.

How Do You Perform SEO?

We’d love to go into specifics. Seriously. But we don’t want our competitors to find out what our techniques are (nor do we want your eyes to glaze over). What we can tell you is that we focus on content, links, and technical SEO. But, you may be saying: that’s what everyone says they focus on, right?

No. Not exactly. It takes a long time to test and verify what works. There are subtleties and specifics that vary between every agency and every SEO practitioner. That just goes to show you that there are many solutions to a single problem in this space — how to achieve higher rankings. What we can tell you is that we will keep you abreast every step of the way as we report on work completed, results achieved, and higher rankings that we have won for your business.

It’s also important to emphasize that hard work is necessary to achieve real results. While some may think SEO used to be a “set it and forget it” deal, this has never been the case. Hard work and consistent effort are necessary in order to achieve long-lasting results. This is not your grandpa’s SEO. Our SEO is cutting-edge, takes advantage of the latest techniques, and is aggressive.

On the public side, that is what we can tell you that separates our SEO from the rest of the pack, without giving everything away.

Why Do I Need Organic Traffic And Why Is It Important?

Organic traffic as it relates to SEO is an important metric used to gauge how your website is performing in the SERPs (search engine results pages). That’s the technical definition. Why should you care? If you don’t have organic traffic, you don’t have eyes on your website, plain and simple. Organic traffic measures how many people arrive on your site directly as a result of high rankings on Google. We don’t want to get into the details here, but we are well aware that there are different traffic metrics reported in Google Analytics.

This sole metric is the reason why so many businesses (and not just law firms) invest heavily in driving organic traffic to their websites. Moreover, without organic traffic, even if you’re doing SEO, your SEO is worthless. If your SEO is not putting your site’s visibility in front of thousands of customers every month, and converting them to leads and cases (or sales), there is no point in doing that SEO. We aren’t going to sugar coat it here: doing SEO without achieving that direct visibility to your clients is worthless.

What Is SEO In Marketing?

Before we had computers and the World Wide Web, taking out an ad in a local paper or even buying air time for a TV commercial may have been enough to get your name and brand known to potential clients. Today, people are more connected to digital devices, and that is a trend that is still growing. According to the Pew Research Center, 28% of Americans are online almost all of the time. Additionally, 81% use the Internet several times throughout the day and on a daily basis. With so many people engaged in digital media, it’s clear that it is absolutely vital to grow your business through SEO marketing.

Our team can analyze your website and online visibility and determine the best possible techniques to ensure that you can attract and engage a sizable audience. Our technical team can do a thorough audit and implement its findings with the goal of achieving a boost in your rankings. If you are in need of additional content, we have a skilled team of writers who understand the importance of producing the right kind of content to increase traffic and keep potential customers on your site.

Leaders In SEO

If you do not have a website, or any online presence at all, we can help you build both from the ground up. It may be intimidating to try to promote your company in the vast online digital media space, but we have been doing this for years with a proven track record of success.

I’ve Been Scammed With Empty Promises Before

We are sorry to hear that. We feel for you and we are disappointed that there are other professionals who have scammed others by not delivering on their promises. But we are not blind to the fact that they exist. To us, our business is serious. We’re not just in it for the short term. We want to establish long-lasting friendships and relationships in this business. The only way to do this is to practice what we preach, and drive those results that our clients are looking for.

And that’s why our services are focused on achieving long-term, sustainable results, rather than empty promises.

We also want to emphasize that while we have a track record, we separate ourselves from the pack by following up on what we promise. Our talented SEO team members are experienced in the field, deriving their results through years of practice, knowledge, and expertise. This way, you can cut through the uncertainty and other claims, and get directly to the results. We have several clients who are impressed with us, simply because we did exactly this.

And we hope that you want us to do the same for you.

But Everyone Says This! What Makes Hennessey Digital Different?

Everyone claims years of experience and knowledge, though. What else separates Hennessey Digital from the competition? When you go with an agency who has experience like we do, we cut through the years of learning and questions, and we just do it. That’s what separates Hennessey Digital from our competitors.

Our leadership team is experienced in SEO, and have steered other companies on the path to success. Our CEO Jason Hennessey builds companies from the ground up, so he knows what works and what doesn’t. We will work with you to identify all your concerns, and we are ready to solve them. We also have long-standing relationships in the SEO industry. Our vast client portfolio includes plenty of positive testimonials from past clients, so you can review in-depth if necessary if that’s what it takes to make you more comfortable about this decision.

If you are looking for a boost in your overall client base, and you want your online visibility to reach new heights, then having a comprehensive SEO plan is critical. We have the expertise and abilities to execute all of your digital marketing projects. Whether it’s for SEO, PPC, or content marketing, our talented team can help you. If you need it, we can do it. Contact us today so we can get started on your ultimate vision of success.

We Do SEO Right

We Do SEO Right

Let Hennessey Digital’s proven track record of success supercharge your growth.
No website? No problem. We can create a website from scratch, or revamp your existing site.
Tied up with another agency? We’ll make the switch so easy, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Not all SEO is created


Don’t be fooled by cheap SEO. Taking shortcuts negatively impacts your rankings. Let our award-winning team show you how to turn your website into a lead-generation machine through SEO done right.

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