The 127 Code of Honor


Commitment to Character

We are one team. We celebrate wins together, share credit, value one another, and build each other up. There are no ‘lone wolves’ at Hennessey Digital.

We are humble and hungry: if you’re arrogant, this is not the right place for you to be.

We are entrepreneurial in our approach to everything. Wherever a solution doesn’t exist, we create one.

Don’t be afraid to fail: if you don’t succeed, it will be in a no-blame environment. Learning from our failures makes us grow as an agency and as individuals.

We are always deliberate and rational; never impulsive. We think before we speak or act.

Ideas are free, but building on them is what’s most valuable. Creativity is abundant, but execution is scarce.

We value simplicity over complexity.

When making a decision, we ask ourselves: “Is it good for the client?” “Is it good for the company?” “Does it align with our core values?” If the answer is yes to all three, we do it.

We never miss an opportunity to surprise and delight, both our clients and our coworkers.

Commitment to Clients

“That’s not my job” is not in our vocabulary. We are always willing to help with whatever is needed.

We always do right by our clients, even if it means the company makes less money in the short term. The client’s best interest comes first.

Things don’t always go as planned, and that’s okay. We’re adaptable and we roll with the punches. We’re building something great which involves adaptability and agility.

If we bring up a problem, we always bring a solution to the table. We believe that all problems are solvable.

We come with informed opinions, but are always open to changing our minds when presented with new information. No one is right 100% of the time.

Winning in the marketplace energizes us; losing in the marketplace bothers us. We are always working to win and get even better at what we do.

We believe there’s room for creativity in everything we do. “Outside-the-box” thinking isn’t the exception: it’s the rule. Inspiration can come from anywhere.

If you see something, say something. We encourage open dialog to bring forth the best ideas and to prevent issues from bottling up.

Processes and procedures are subject to change, but our mission, vision, and core values are not.

Commitment to Each Other

We treat each other with respect, always. Whenever we interact, both in person and virtually, we give each other our undivided attention.

We are inclusive and believe in having a fully representative workforce. We are international, multicultural, and diverse, and we celebrate our differences.

We are proud to be associated with each other, and we always look out for one another. If we don’t trust each other, we’re toast.

We practice radical empathy to educate and illuminate one another, and we empower one another by providing clear intentions, outcomes, and support.

Always err on the side of more communication instead of less: no information vacuums! Quick communication methods trump slower ones.

Always assume positive intent. We assume the best in each other, even when we disagree.

We are thoughtful in how we frame criticism. We praise publicly, and deliver tough feedback privately.

We genuinely enjoy being around each other. Each of us energizes those around us with our dedication, intellect, and good humor.

We love pranks, puns, and practical jokes, and we believe there’s room for fun in everything we do. If we’re not having a good time, we’re not going to be effective in our work.