Ben Crump

The nationally-recognized name in civil rights law
wanted to dominate other law practice areas.

Ben Crump

Ben Crump is a high-profile lawyer for civil rights cases who wanted to expand awareness of his firm’s offerings and increase lead generation for other practice areas.

Ben Crump

The Challenge

Prior to emerging to the forefront of civil rights law for some of the most high-profile cases of modern times, Ben Crump Law approached marketing with similar goals of most law firms: to increase leads and caseloads across the firm’s practice areas, including personal injury law, mass torts, malpractice law and more.

The firm turned to Hennessey Digital for law firm SEO and law firm digital marketing strategies to tackle common challenges including:

  • increase lead generation
  • generate visibility in search engine results in multiple markets around the U.S.
  • drive online engagement

While most lawyers want to dominate the market locally, our challenge and opportunity was to help our client dominate the search engine results page nationally – and, with a legal counsel 10 attorneys strong, for subject matters in addition to the direction in which his reputation and recognition were growing. That meant expanding their search rankings beyond the geography of their 5 offices to appearing in searches across the nation.

Our Strategy

We started with a full technical and content audit of the client’s website to create a custom strategy based on their goals, including lead generation and increased ranking on the SERP (search engine results page). To achieve this, we migrated and rebuilt the entire website while fixing technical blockers that previously existed and applied innovative strategies and best practices for technical SEO, local SEO and national organic search results

We also developed a continuous, robust multi-media content strategy (featuring articles, videos, blog posts and more) with advanced on-page strategies, internal linking, and page layout techniques that favor well with Google’s algorithmwhile engaging website visitors and increasing leads from prospective clients.

Our Creative team redesigned with a fresh look that represents his brand as a powerhouse in civil rights and high-profile cases, garnering national media attention.

After Hennessey Digital

The Results

  • 1,000% Increase In Page Rankings On Google
  • 2,000% Boost In Website Traffic
  • Increased Leads For Targeted Practice Areas
  • Key Local Market Visibility Online

In a short amount of time, Hennessey Digital has become not just the SEO and web strategy leader for Ben Crump, but is now an integral part of their branding and marketing team.