Top Class Actions

This high-profile resource for consumers to claim cash from class
actions and settlements has unique business needs and goals.

Top Class Actions

Top Class Actions is a national resource for class action lawsuits and legal news. This legal industry niche is notoriously competitive for high-dollar class action cases and settlements.

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The Challenge

Top Class Actions’ aim was to rank nationally on search engines for high-value keywords related to settlements: lawsuits, class action lawsuit settlement, and more. The company reaches reach millions of consumers and wants to rank #1 on Google for the search terms potential claimants use.

This client’s ultimate goal is to be the premier player in the class action lawsuit industry. Because these cases and settlements can represent big money, it’s difficult to dominate this space online.

Prior to working together with Hennessey Digital, Top Class Actions created a lot of content for their website but were not seeing the results they wanted. An important digital marketing strategy – technical SEO – was also underdeveloped on the backend of their site.

Our challenge was to get Top Class Actions to rank nationally on Google for their desired keywords — and adapt our client/agency relationship to support their evolving business needs.

Our Strategy

When Hennessey Digital began working with Top Class Actions, we handled back-end website work and content for this client. As their business evolved, we worked to anticipate their needs and adjust our content marketing strategy and deliverables accordingly.

Education, analytics support, and reporting became top of mind, so our Analytics team created a process to provide reports to the Top Class Action team and educate them on insights gleaned from our analysis.

Most recently, we moved Top Class Actions to the Google Analytics 4 platform (GA4) to provide easy reporting automation and deeper insights into the customer journey.


Class Actions and Mass Torts


The Results

  • Currently ranking #1 for ‘class action lawsuit’
  • Went from ranking for 96,000 to nearly 500,000 keywords Improved site UX and overall website performance

“Jason Hennessey and his team are a key reason that Top Class Actions has had steady growth over the past four years.”

 Scott Hardy