Blin Kazazi


Blin Kazazi

Resolves Merge Conflicts Chief Technology Officer

Team Member Since 8/13/2020

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TOP WORK STRENGTHS: Small talk and getting along with people, getting projects done before the deadline, and recruiting great team members.

MY FAVORITE THINGS: Family, flying, running, cycling, swimming, and skiing.

Blin started programming when he created a family website using Microsoft FrontPage in the early 2000s, but he didn’t realize how much he liked programming until he got an Arduino as a birthday gift. A few lines of simple C code were able to read data such as temperature or distance from different sensors and drive DC Motors or servos. In order to pursue his dream, Blin moved to the US to attend college where he studied Computer Science. After graduation, he held positions ranging from intern to CTO at several ed-tech companies, then joined the Hennessey Digital team in 2020 to oversee technology and engineering. He’s an energetic and passionate team member who prides himself in being a team player who helps everyone.

In his spare time, Blin flies light aircraft and likes to go on long bike rides. He is also a Guiness World Record holder for developing the Largest Online class ever taught. Blin lives with his wife Sarah in western Florida.

On my bucket list:

Fly a small airplane around the US.

Favorite food of all time:

Miso black cod


My #1 HD Core Principle

Do What's Right, Always. It's very easy to do the wrong thing in our industry to get temporary gains.

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